3 Things You Don't Need For a Beautiful Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

Bathroom remodelling can be quite costly, especially if you want to go all out and remove all fittings and fixtures and get new ones fitted. However, you'll often find a big difference between what you want and what you can afford. If that's you, the good news is that there are a number of ways you can improve your bathroom even on a tight budget. Below are three things you don't need to replace to get a cool new bathroom.

1. New tub

Replacing a tub is a huge commitment – as the biggest fixture in your bathroom, a lot of work goes into its placement, so replacement can be expensive. However, you can choose to refinish the tub, leaving it looking as good as new. In reglazing, the refinisher seals surfaces around the tub to avoid over-spraying and then removes caulk around the tub. The tub is then swathed in hydrofluoric acid to remove the old glaze and prime the surface for the new glaze. He or she finally installs new caulk then sprays two epoxy coats, using a fan to dry them in between. The tub is then sanded and polished, and in 4-6 hours, you'll have a new-looking tub for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Reglazing involves use of toxic chemicals and should be done professionally in a well ventilated room.

Another option is using tub liners where the installer measures your tub precisely to give custom measurements used to create liners exactly fitting your bath. The old tub is first cleaned using alcohol, the old drain and overflow are removed and the liner is fitted in and trimmed to fit accordingly before a new drain and overflow are installed and seams are caulked. The entire process takes less than a day once the custom liner is made and delivered.

2. New tiles

It's one thing if your tiles are loose, chipped and almost falling out. However, if you have good-looking tiles surrounded by ugly, rimy caulk, don't go for full replacement just yet. You can simply replace loose or missing tiles and keep the rest, and refresh the grout and caulk. Adding clean lines of caulk is cheap and can give your tiles an instant facelift. Tiles can also be refinished/reglazed along with the tub if they're in good condition. You can change up the look by changing the glaze or adding a few accent tiles in select places. Shop around for tile sales, which can save you big bucks.

3. New mirror

If the mirror isn't broken/old, don't think about replacing it. Simply talk to the contractor about framing the mirror as it is. Mastic adhesive can be used to install a tile frame around it, or you can tape the mirror and place the tiles with unsanded grout (regular grout may scratch the mirror during installation). You can also go for creative wooden frames or moulding or have one customized for you. Add inexpensive sconces to both sides of the mirror to brighten the space and remove shadows when looking into the mirror.