3 Critical Aspects That Should Guide the Laundry Room Renovation Process

When planning for a renovation project, most homeowners just consider the bathrooms and kitchen as their first picks. And although the laundry area is critical in most homes, it's often the most frequently overlooked rooms. However, you need to know that your laundry area reflects your lifestyle needs, personality and value in a big way. In fact, when your laundry space isn't in good condition, you need to renovate it to make laundry work more enjoyable.

Benchtop Materials To Consider For Your New Kitchen

When planning a new home, you'll have a free rein to create virtually any look you desire. Particularly, in the kitchen, you can mix and match your favourite materials to create a beautiful and homey atmosphere. One major decision you'll need to make is what benchtop material to choose. Here are several options to consider. Natural Stone Marble and granite are a couple of the most popular stones for kitchen benchtops.