Ideas to Give the Illusion of a Bigger Kitchen

Regardless of your kitchen's proportions, you can give the illusion that it's bigger. A spacious room is more pleasant to hang around in, after all. Consider whether any of the following ideas will suit you.

Windows and Doors

Extra daylight is one option for opening a room, as brighter spaces naturally feel bigger. Is there a way you can enlarge your kitchen's doors and windows? For example, can you extend a window to reach from floor to ceiling? Maybe you could extend them horizontally or create clerestory windows. A simple way to let more light through single-hinged doors is to fit glass-panelled models. You could add a security door to an external opening for added safety. An extended view that lets you see the garden will automatically make the kitchen seem more spacious.


If your room doesn't allow you to expand vertical windows, maybe you could install a skylight instead. A ceiling opening will bring more light in and give you an expansive sky view. Plus, it also helps in another way, as it breaks up the solid ceiling that otherwise encloses the kitchen. You can choose different diffusers to soften and control the light flow, so it doesn't cause too much glare. And you can fit skylight blinds.

Light Colours

To give a sense of a large and open kitchen, use white and pale colours in the decor. They don't bring more daylight inside, but they maximise what brightness the kitchen has by reflecting it around the room. A kitchen has many surfaces, and you can use various shades of white. To stop the space from feeling sterile, you could opt for the natural warming qualities of timber in selected areas.

For example, why not fit a wooden benchtop? You could include statement timber cupboard doors but use white on the rest of the cabinetry. This will incorporate wood without making the kitchen dark and enclosed. In any case, timber comes in a vast tonal array, from pale honey to dark charcoal. So you can choose something lighter and brighter. Another aspect to consider is the shine of the materials you incorporate into your new kitchen. Reflective glossy floor and wall tiles, for example, will open up the room.

Clean Lines

One of the most effective strategies for creating the sense of spacious kitchens is to install streamlined cabinetry. Opt for handleless flat cupboard doors so the wall of cabinets will look clean, neat and discreet. Contoured doors and multiple handles can make a compact kitchen cluttered and overcrowded.

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