Easy Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Very few homes come with large, luxurious bathrooms. If yours is rather small and cramped, you might feel that the only way you can improve it is by knocking through a wall and physically extending the space. However, this probably isn't necessary. Bathroom renovations don't have to be that complicated; there are lots of simple, affordable ways to make this part of your home look and feel larger than it really is.

Go for a pale colour scheme

White is generally considered the best colour choice for tiny areas of a house, as it reflects the light and thus helps to make a room appear bigger and brighter. Opting for a white wall paint with a satin finish, along with some glossy white tiles, will further intensify this colour's light-reflecting properties.

If the idea of an all-white space doesn't appeal to you, you can still create the illusion of a larger bathroom by sticking to another pale shade; beige, grey, pastel blue or lilac will all work well. Using the same light hue for the walls, ceiling and floors will give the space a streamlined, airy look and make even the tiniest bathroom seem more spacious.

Choose open shelving

In a small bathroom, storage is absolutely essential. However, cabinets, baskets and cupboards serve as both visual and physical obstructions, which make the room harder to navigate and negatively affect the overall aesthetic. The solution to this is to replace these items with open shelving, which won't visually impede on the space. You can take this idea a step further by investing in mirrored, glass or white units; reflective, transparent and light-coloured materials will blend in with their surroundings and further enhance the open and airy feel that this type of shelving creates.

Keep the window unadorned

If you want to create the illusion of spaciousness, it's important to pay attention to the window, and do what you can to ensure that the maximum amount of natural light gets into the space. This might mean you need to rearrange the furniture, shelving or even the bathroom suite, if any of these items are blocking out the window.

If you have to use window dressings, it's best to opt for something minimalistic, such as a set of fully-retractable shades or a sheer white fabric panel, as these won't affect the amount of light that reaches the room. If the current window panel is made from standard glass and you're concerned that you won't have enough privacy if you leave it completely unadorned, you may want to consider switching to frosted or decorative glass, which will prevent anyone from seeing in, whilst still allowing lots of sunlight into the space.