Bathroom Renovation Ideas That Add Value to a Home

If you're planning on staying in your home indefinitely then of course your bathroom renovation ideas should suit you and your family, and you may not be concerned with how those ideas will affect your home's value. However, if you're sure you're going to put the home on the market one day, you want to think of how your plans will affect the home's value and your ability to sell. Note a few bathroom renovation ideas that may actually add value to a home and increase its appeal to future homebuyers.

Double sinks

If the bathroom has the space, invest in double sinks and preferably double mirrors as well. Two sinks decrease crowding in the bathroom and allow a couple to get ready in the morning more easily, or allow children to share a bathroom just as easily. Opt for smaller, apartment-size sinks or get them custom made if you can and if you need to accommodate a smaller space in the bathroom.


Added storage almost always makes a home more attractive to homebuyers, so forego the pedestal sink if you do opt for a single sink, and choose a vanity with more storage. Cut out more space in the shower area for insets, and add these same insets to the walls of the bathroom for storage. If you have double sinks with two mirrors, add insets to the wall space between them for all those small items everyone needs in the bathroom, keeping them organized and close at hand; potential homebuyers may appreciate this small but important feature in your bathroom.

Easy maintenance

When choosing the surface materials for your bathroom and are considering how it will affect its future value, note the ease of maintenance of any choice. Natural stone may be very beautiful but small pits and holes may hold dirt that needs professional cleaning regularly. Real wood floors may require consistent sealing to keep the wood from absorbing moisture and warping. Porcelain and ceramic tile might also need sealing and professional cleaning.

Laminate can be more durable and need less maintenance over time; this can be especially appreciated in homes with children, so if your home is located in a residential area popular with families, you might consider laminate or vinyl tile and a laminate surface for the vanity. This will ensure the material is easy to care for and maintain and it may be more appealing to potential homebuyers down the road.