Why Custom Joinery Should Be Your Only Choice When Deliberating on New Cabinets

When remodelling your house, particularly your kitchen, one of the top priorities you will have is the cabinetry. Storage space may seem like a problem only people with a small kitchen have to contend with, but this is not entirely true. Irrespective of how spacious your kitchen is, storage is bound to run out over time as you acquire more appliances, crockery, spices and so on. So when contemplating the cabinetry for your kitchen, you may be thinking that stock cabinets will be just fine since they will provide you with space. But this is not the ideal route to take.

If your remodelling purposes are to make your kitchen more functional for your individual needs, then you should also have your cabinets customised for your storage needs too! Below are two reasons why joinery should be your only choice when deliberating on new cabinets.

Guaranteed endurance

Mass-produced cabinets are, certainly, affordable. However, have you considered how the producers of mass-market cabinets make a profit? The reason why they can afford to churn out affordable cabinetry is that the materials utilised to create these cabinets are cheap and the labour is inexpensive too. Stock cabinets usually comprise particleboard that is joined together by either glue or screws. Custom joinery, on the other hand, may cost more, but you can be assured that the quality will be guaranteed. The joints used to put the custom joinery together are specialised, and this means the construction will be more durable. Therefore, if you are looking for cabinetry that will last you for the long term, then custom joinery will be the best choice for your kitchen.


Another reason why you should prioritise custom joinery for your kitchen remodel is to ensure that you are getting your cabinets designed exactly to your specifications. You may have looked online for inspiration for your cabinetry, but one thing that remains a fact is that kitchen designs and layouts are not the same. Moreover, every homeowner will have a different style of using his or her kitchen. For instance, the storage needs of a gourmet cook will not be the same as someone who likes to use their kitchen as a convergence point for their guests. With custom joinery, you get the chance to design the cabinets to the exact shape and space that you need them to be. Furthermore, if you have any weirdly shaped areas in your kitchen, a custom joiner will go to great lengths to make sure they design your cabinets to fit any awkward spaces that you want them to!