Two Tips for Remodelling a Small and Boring Bathroom

If you have enlisted a remodelling contractor to help you improve your small and bland bathroom, here is some advice that you may want to follow when you and the contractor are formulating the plans for this project.

Utilise textured and patterned tiles to make the room more interesting

One of the suggestions that many interior designers offer when asked about revamping a small space is to ensure that most things in the space are the same, light colour. This is a great tip, as making sure that the appliances match the walls and floors is a good way to ensure a relatively large bathtub, toilet and sink blend into the background, rather than being too prominent and visually obtrusive. Opting for light-coloured paint and furniture is also excellent advice, as it ensures that the space looks very bright and airy.

However, whilst tips like this can help to maximise an objectively small room's sense of spaciousness, they can also produce a room that is lacking in any real style or character. If you want to follow this advice but would still like your new bathroom to have some personality, you should have the contractor line the walls and floor with textured and patterned tiles. Things like Southern Cross tiles could be good for achieving this particular look.

The tiles can be purchased in a light colour that matches the rest of the bathroom but in a range of intricate and pretty patterns that will add a touch of character to this room, without making it feel any less spacious.

Opt for a toilet with a high-level cistern

When remodelling a bathroom that is both small and dull-looking, it might be best to get a toilet with a high-level cistern (i.e., one that is mounted close to the ceiling) installed by the remodelling contractor. There are two specific advantages to opting for this kind of toilet in these circumstances.

Firstly, a toilet's cistern can be quite a bulky item that can take up a significant amount of room, which can be problematic in a bathroom where space is extremely limited. By having the cistern mounted near the ceiling, its bulky presence won't block your way or your view when you enter the bathroom. This will help to create that illusive sense of spaciousness that you are hoping to achieve in this small room.

Secondly, a toilet with this type of cistern is commonly found in historical period properties and can actually look very interesting. As such, it can provide you with yet another way to make the space look more interesting.