Focusing on Crucial Things During Your Bathroom Renovation

Unless you have unlimited resources, you might want to be selective about what items you splash out on when renovating your bathroom. Some items may be worth paying more for, while other components may provide an opportunity to economize. Consider the following tips to focus on the crucial things that will give the most bang for your buck.


One area to concentrate on during a renovation is the bathroom vanity. Not only is this furniture piece in a prominent featured position, but it's in constant use. The doors need to be sturdy so they don't fall off the hinges and look shabby. Choose well-made cabinets using quality MDF or timber, which will last longer than cheaper particle board options that can warp and rot if water gets inside. A beautiful vanity will enhance the bathroom decor as it's such a central piece of furniture.

Taps and Fixtures

Quality taps and fixtures like showerheads will last many years without breaking. They'll be less likely to require expensive maintenance by a plumber than cheap alternatives. Because taps and showers are frequently used, and plumbing is costly, it's worth paying quality and not going through the inconvenience of not working properly.


One element you could try to economize on during bathroom renovations is the tiling. Many beautiful ceramic tiles are available at a reasonable price, which you could turn into a stunning design with flattering colours and designs. It's not always easy to see the difference between budget and expensive tiles. You could choose a bright blue or go with calming neutral shades such as wheat or grey. The design options are limitless.


Peaceful and functional lighting in a bathroom is crucial, but you can create beautiful lighting without breaking the bank. Make sure you install lights in different places in the room so you can create distinct effects. You could install recessed lights on the ceiling and sconces on either side of the mirror. A central pendant light will add a touch of decoration. Under the glow of even and soft lighting, the decor will look more expensive and luxurious. Plus, the room will have a more welcoming vibe. The lighting needs to be skillfully applied rather than expensive.


There's no need to install an expensive toilet if you're trying to curtail your renovation costs. If you choose an attractive shape that fits in with your bathroom style, the toilet should recede into the background and not be too noticeable. The important point is that it's reliable enough to flush without issues.

Contact a local remodelling contractor to learn more about bathroom renovations.