Three Important Design Considerations When Planning an Office Fitout

Getting a full office fitout is really exciting, whether you're moving into new offices or completely renovating an old space. It's a chance to bring your offices up to date and make sure their design is completely in line with your company and how you work. This guide explains three essential things you should consider when thinking about your new offices.

Pick an Office Layout That Works for You

The right office layout for your business will depend entirely on what your business does and how you want your team to work. Search online for layout ideas, or think about offices you've visited. Would you prefer a more open-plan layout to encourage collaboration, or is it important that your team can make phone calls in privacy? Make a list of all the spaces you need, such as space for desks, meeting rooms, a reception area to impress clients and even kitchens and bathrooms. This will give you a better idea of the layout you want, and your office fitout experts will be able to advise you on how exactly your office should be laid out, and how to fit everything in.

Choose the Right Colour Scheme

Part of designing the perfect office fitout is choosing a colour scheme. This applies to the walls, the carpet or flooring, doors, window frames, furniture and any decorations you intend to put up. Choose a colour that suits the vibe you want to create — for example, green to create a calming atmosphere, or yellow to make your team feel more cheerful. Ergonomic Trends has some thorough information on the psychological benefits of different colours, explaining that blue benefits repetitive admin work, while red and orange can stimulate creativity. Remember that you don't have to choose the same colour throughout your office. Instead, you can choose different colours for different parts of the office depending on the work that will be done there, though you should avoid choosing too many as this can look chaotic.

Think About Your Team's Wellbeing

It's important that your team works as productively as possible while feeling happy and motivated. Therefore, think about things that might make your team happy, whether that's comfortable sofas for them to sit on during breaks, good kitchen facilities, sources of natural light or ergonomic chairs to keep them comfortable while they work. You could also offer standing desks to help them stay healthy. Whatever the case, make a list of things you'd like in your office to boost motivation and mention them to your office fitout company.

By considering the physical layout that would work best for you, the colour scheme you want and how to boost the wellbeing of your employees, you can design the perfect office fitout for your needs. When you've thought about your fitout, contact a local office fitout company to talk about your plans. An office fitout company can provide further information.